Jonas Kjølleberg Lundbye

Hi, I'm Jonas, a Norwegian game designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Welcome to my website where you can find an overview of me and my work. 

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I am born in 1995 and have a Bachelor's degree in Art History from the University of Copenhagen. I have a Master's degree in Game Design from the IT-University of Copenhagen.


My roles in game development

During the course of working on several small-scale production I have gotten the chance to gain familiarity and experience with several areas of game development. It has also allowed to identify my core strengths in development.

Game Design

As a game designer I do of course always look for way to make the game fun to play. However, my main priority is always to make the gameplay not only be fun, but also intuitive and allowing players to feel in control. They should not just be mindlessly entertained, but rather mentally engaged.

Level Design

In my level design I want spaces to be focused. Players should know what elements are available and possible to interact with, and spaces should therefore be limited to clarify such. This of course brings an interesting challange I will have to solve together with level artists, in how to achieve this without sacrificing strong art design.

Narrative Design

The most important aspect of narrative design is that narrative can be played, not heard. I always want to make sure that a game's narrative is not just a story added to gameplay, but that it is a story told through gameplay. Often gameplay is there before the story. My approach is therefore to use find the story in the gameplay, rather than force it into it.

Get in Touch

Feel free to get in touch, should you have any sorts of inquiries.