Split Sphere

Role(s): Game designer, Level designer, Game director, Music

Engine: Unity

Platform: PC, Mac

Context: University

Link: https://konradmampe.itch.io/split-sphere

Split Sphere is a first-person puzzle game where you phase yourself and objects, between two alternate, yet similar, dimension to solve physics-based puzzles. The game tests your problem-solving capabilities, as well as spatial reasoning.

I was responsible for the majority of the game's design, as well as doing all level design beyond initial prototyping. Level design was done for the most part directly in Unity. 



Role(s): Game design, Level design, additional writing

Engine: Unity

Platform(s): PC

Context: DADIU 

Link: https://dadiu.itch.io/asgardromeda

Asgardromeda is a third-person comedy puzzle game. The game takes place on a space station inhabited by some rather dumb vikings. You control a young woman who is escaping the space station and causing some deadly accidents for the vikings along the way. 

The task of both level and game design was shared by me and one other member of the team, working together with the game director. This would involve all greater game design being done in unison, before sharing the more specific tasks between us, such as me for example working on tuning and setting up the camera. Level design was done by ideas, meaning we we both make levels around our own ideas, before sharing feedback with each and discussion things like progression for example. 

Cai Cai Balão

Role(s): Level Design

Engine: Unity

Platform: Android

Context: Film School production

Link: Unavailable (project ultimately scrapped)

Cai Cai Balão is a narrative phone runner set in a fictional Brazilian city. The player runs through favelas, hills and city areas, to catch a hot air ballon whilst avoiding the police. The gameplay consisted of running effectively through the chaotic streets whilst doding obstacles and engaging in light parkour over cars and roof-tops. During various stages of the production it was either free-run or on rails.

As a level designer I had to tackle the challange how to capture the chaos of Brazillian favelas whilst ensuring the players weren't lost, and the fast-paced gameflow wasn't broken. I worked with creating linnear levels that used plenty of fake forks that gave an illusion of freedom. I also worked in creating one large interconnected map where levels could be formed out of several different level sections to also instill some familarity with the streets without simply reusing the same level. The two images show the drawn up map with the circled section also shown below as it looked in unity during alpha. 

Sock City

Role(s): Narrative design, Game design

Engine: Unity

Platform: Android

Context: Game jam

Link: https://konradmampe.itch.io/sock-city

Sock City is a phone game inspired by the left-right swiping mechanic of the dating-app Tinder. It merges this mechanic and the idea of left=no/right=yes and tries to build an interactive narrative around it. Players swipe left or right to make decisions in a comedic crime noir set in a world inhabited by socks.

Following the original conceptualization, I was responsible for writing the full game, and then intergrating it into the game through the Unity extension Ink. Through Ink I could create the branching and match the text with audio and visuals.


Gelatin Silver

Roles(s): Game design, Level design, Narrative design, music.

Engine: Unity

Platform(s): PC (requires gamepad)

Context: Thesis project

Link: https://konradmampe.itch.io/gelatin-silver

The project was made to accompany a master thesis created by me and one other person. The research was into the artistc movement of Surrealism and how it can exist within game development. The game is therefore experimental by nature, but can be said to be a puzzle game of sorts. The game is built around constant transitions between game-styles, for example first-person to third-person perspectives etc.

Plenty of reasearch and prototyping was done to inform the game's design. The finished game also had a qualitative testing done as part of the research for the thesis project.



Role(s): Game director, Narrative design, Game design, Level design

Engine: Unity

Platform(s): PC

Context: University

Link: build currently unaivable, please check playthrough

Reverie is narrative and atmosphere-driven first-person walking simulator. There is minimal gameplay outside some light exploration and basic interaction with items to trigger voice-lines. Players control a dying landscape architect  exploring a maze of memories as her consciousness slowly slips away.

The game visually and thematically takes inspiration from the 16th century Italian art style, Mannerism, known for imaginative etchings, as well as complex garden mazes containing caves that often would symbolize the afterlife. What I wanted to to explore with the game was to create a playable portrayal of the saying that one's life flashes before their eyes at the moment of death. Finding the right apparoach to this was done together with an Art director and audio designer.